StartUp Spotlight - The Bay Area's Curious Hat

Tired of wishing your little ones weren't so engrossed in a video game that they don't even notice what is happening around them? Or wish there was a way to spark your child's imagination and give them an appreciation for today's technology at the same time? Well, wish no more. Thanks to Curious Hat, your child can now look forward to hours of imagination expansion with interactive educational apps like Color Vacuum, Phlip, and Eye Paint.

Founded by CEO Luca Prasso and CTO Erwan Maigret, Curious Hat brings the magic of imaginative play and technology together in perfect harmony. Children (and their envious parents too) can capture nature's colors with Color Vacuum or Eye Paint, or create their own photographic puzzle with Phlip. Whether you allow your little one to play with your iPad on long car trips or your iPhone while they're sitting in the grocery shopping cart, they can capture the colors that surround them and integrate those colors into their playtime. Color Vacuum allows children to understand the relationship between different colors and what it takes to make up the different hues they capture via the app. Eye Paint takes the color capture process a step further and allows a child to snatch a color from their surroundings and fill their artwork with the captured hue.

With Phlip, a child can capture images via the app, divide the images into multiple online puzzle pieces, and then recreate their original image by carefully tipping and tapping the puzzle pieces back into place. They can make each puzzle as simple or as intricate as they would like. Parents can capture an image of a child's favorite toy or pet, split the image into multiple fragments, and then hand their digital device (iPad, iPod, or iPhone) back to their child for reassembling.

The team behind Curious Hat is a strong one indeed. Not only do Luca and Erwan have impressive resumes on their own, this talented startup is now part of 500 Startups Fall 2012 Accelerator Program. With access to the crème de la crème of mentors, the future is definitely looking bright for Curious Hat. In addition to Luca and Erwan, Curious Hat enjoys the talents of Creative Director Nadia Andreini. With a career path that includes diLuNaStudio, StoryGirl Productions, 2F Multimedia, and MBVision, Nadia is a definite asset to have on board. The Curious Hat team includes artists, developers, and contributors from around the globe.

With such a talented team, a focus on a child's ability for imaginative exploration, and a roster of kick ass mentors behind them, Curious Hat's vision for the future is a certainty, not just a mission statement.

 “We see in mobile technology a way to extend and enhance a child’s senses during these important explorations. Curiosity, play and the intrinsic desire to learn and explore are what we want to promote and nurture.” - Luca Prasso

This Bay Area startup has everything in place to be a knock it out of the ballpark success story. Explore their creations for yourself; you just might find yourself wishing you were a kid again.


Eleanor Wall is a freelance writer, on-demand brand marketing content creator, and startup cheerleader. TechTidbits is where she posts intriguing discoveries from the tech, startup, and mobile sector.