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Whether you’re a startup founder seeking advice on gaining increased media exposure or a small business owner debating direct mail advertising, choosing a reputable agency can be a time consuming (and tension-filled) task. With so many available options, it can be tough to know where to start. Do you opt for a social media agency simply because they are local and you follow their “guru” on Twitter? Do you choose a national advertising agency because of their existing client list and experience in national campaigns? Whether you’re on the hunt for an advertising, design, digital, or public relations agency, exactly where do you draw the line and determine which agency is best suited for your needs, now and into the future? Thanks to an Atlanta/Boston-based startup, those questions might now be just a tad bit easier to answer. Meet Agency Spotter.

Agency Spotter is the collaborative creation of Brian Regienczuk (CEO) and Joseph Raccuglia (CMO). Buds for 13 years, the team behind Agency Spotter knew how tough the challenge of choosing an agency could be and made it their mission to create a solution. With their combined backgrounds in marketing (Brian - Coca Cola Company, Phillips Electronics and Joseph – American Express, State Street Corp.), this duo knew the agency discovery dilemma well and felt they had the chops to make a difference. With their collective insight into the intricacies of the creative industry, they developed a one-stop platform for both creative agencies and the clients in need of their services.

Think of Agency Spotter like a search engine with detailed accuracy built into the algorithm. Do you need a small advertising agency that specializes in branding, graphic design, and social media in the New York area when your budget is less than $100K? You can specify exactly that on Agency Spotter. Do you have a big budget to spend on mobile advertising and are looking for a large public relations marketing firm in L.A. able to handle your million-dollar account? Yup, you can find that too. The Agency Spotter dashboard allows you to specify EXACTLY what you’re looking for and how much you’re hoping to spend. Input your data and you’re instantly greeted with multiple profiles of agencies that just might be suitable to your needs. Rather than spend countless hours lost in the catacombs of traditional search engines, Agency Spotter cuts through SEO’d and back-linked clutter and simply delivers the goods. Period. If you are looking for an agency with real-world experience and a proven track record, you can find exactly that on Agency Spotter.

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Registering your agency on Agency Spotter comes with a variety of perks. All agencies can strut their stuff by explaining why they’re unique, showing client lists and work samples, and highlighting their top talent. Depending upon the subscription plan chosen, agencies can get expanded exposure to a targeted and motivated audience across the site. Premium plans also give agencies access to lead analytics and performance tracking. From an agency standpoint, Agency Spotter is a no-brainer. Instead of trying to land clients like a singleton at a singles bar, Agency Spotter offers a speed dating solution. Qualified prospects and agency-hungry clients all in one spot; doesn’t get much simpler than that, right?

As a startup, Agency Spotter has achieved a number of milestones already. After officially launching their private beta at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2012, Agency Spotter was highlighted as one of SEJ’s Top 10 SEO Startups of 2012, presented their pitch at Startup Riot in Atlanta, and just recently announced their Advisory Board. Since launch, they have been steadily adding agencies to the site, many by request from past clients and agencies themselves.

Whether you’re a creative agency on the hunt for additional clients or a business owner in need of marketing magic, discover Agency Spotter for yourself. Think you’ll enjoy the deep dive inside Agency Spotter as much as I did.

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