Tech Tidbits: In the Startup Spotlight - Miami's

In the Startup Spotlight - Miami's

Turn Text Into Video with
Thanks to an email reminder from founder Freddie Laker (and with a wee bit of login assistance from's very own Lars Furtwaengler), I decided to play around with's platform that turns text content into video.

Always on the hunt for content marketing tools, I was intrigued by's ability to enable marketers to double-down on the content they create. With the increasing usage of visual media across multiple platforms, the ability to be able to socially share a visual summary of an article in video form is a no-brainer. Whether you're a social media guru or a content marketing strategist, helping your audience to consume your content in an easy to digest format (on their schedule and on platforms they frequent), makes perfect sense.

The platform for publishers really couldn't be any easier to navigate. Add the URL of an article you wish to create a video for, choose the appropriate article images, edit the text you want read, and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, your video is ready for sharing. The free option of offers a computer generated voiceover for your video. Paid upgrade options include the ability to add your own voiceover as well as add your own VAST compliant ads. The free version of offers viewers integrated ads, with the publisher (that's you) participating in a 50/50 advertising revenue split. So not only are you able to offer your content consumers a way to enjoy a visual summary of your text content, you can also enjoy an additional source of revenue should your visitor's interact with an ad on your video. Win/win, right? was originally launched as a avatar-enabled news reader service. The company pivoted to a B2B service for publishers in October 2013 following feedback from users regarding the avatar integration. Having previously received funding from the likes of the Knight Foundation, Last Chance Holdings, and Sapient, is well-positioned to help publishers capitalize on the explosive growth of mobile video (Cisco predicts that two-thirds of global mobile traffic will be video by 2017). As publishers attempt to integrate "moment marketing' into their content creation efforts, the ability to offer both text and video versions of created content makes perfect sense.

Check out for yourself to discover all of the creative ways you could put this platform to work for your content marketing needs. From video versions of your company's latest blog post to videos of your guest posts on sites like Business2Community, the ways you can put to work are only limited by your imagination.

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