7 Startups Creating Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools to Discover

Are you always on the lookout for tools to maximize your business efforts? Do your spidey senses tingle every time a new marketing tool or social media tool hits your radar? Paying attention to startup companies creating productivity tools is an excellent way to uncover business growth opportunities long before your competition ever becomes aware of their potential. Check out the following list of productivity hacks; you just might find a few options you can integrate into your brand building strategy.

Limitless - Limitless offers a Chrome plugin that lets you set goals, track/manage your time, identify your distraction triggers, and even take notes to maximize your efforts. Limitless is part of BoostVC's Winter 2013 class.

Sift - Also part of BoostVC's Winter 2013 class, Sift's productivity software helps you to coordinate your calender with those in your business/social network. Sift lets you toggle your status for activities like video chats, urgent meetings only, SMS availability, and even your in transit status.

Mashboard - Mashboard connects all of your favorite online services into one handy dashboard. Whether you use Basecamp, Dropbox, Evernote, or Gmail to get through your workday, Mashboard makes seamless synchronization easy. Mashboard is currently accepting update subscriptions.

Clover - Also creating a unified dashboard for project management software is Clover. Teams will be able to collaborate on projects, search for files, add reference notes, and work across multiple devices once Clover officially launches.

Board - Creonomy's Board lets you keep and track all of your inspiration data in one central location. From images and screenshots to URLs and notes, Board makes mastering your references easy.

TipTal - TipTal offers productivity software for job seekers. TipTal users can track jobs from multiple sites, create custom lists, apply directly to job leads from TipTal, and share recruitment leads socially.

ZenDay - Previously featured on TechTidbits, ZenDay lets users maximize their calender by prioritizing tasks according to urgency and completion status.

These 7 startups are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg if you are looking for innovative companies creating productivity tools you can use in your daily business efforts. Which of these startups will you be following? Which tools do you plan on test driving?

Eleanor Wall

Eleanor Wall is a freelance writer, on-demand brand marketing content creator, and startup cheerleader. TechTidbits is where she posts intriguing discoveries from the tech, startup, and mobile sector.