Tech Tidbits: Crowdfunding - In the Spotlight

Crowdfunding - In the Spotlight

Tools for Crowdfunding
Intrigued by the hullabaloo over Facebook's acquisition of originally-crowdfunded Oculus, did a little digging into the crowdfunding space. There are plenty of intriguing finds to be discovered. How many of the following offerings were YOU aware of?

STEMfunder - Connects STEM students and their projects with alumni networks for funding

TapRaise - Enables social fundraising on websites (content creators, charitable donations, etc.)

CrowdFranchise - Lets communities crowdfund franchises they want in their neighborhood

Pherver - Crowdfunding connecting brands and their fans

Lendoor - Crowdfunding to secure small business loans from social network connections

Fund That Flip - Crowdfunding for real estate flippers

Matramoney - Raise funding for wedding expenses from friends and family

AlumVest - Crowdfunding connecting entrepreneurs and alumni investors

Grão - Crowdfunding for education (Brazil)

IconPark - Crowdfunding competition - Fund potential restaurants and bars (Australia)

Tycoon - Crowdfund real estate investments

FlipGive - Charitable fundraising partnered with brand exposure

As evidenced by the above list, there is plenty of innovation happening in the crowdfunding space. Niche fund-raising communities and funding opportunities abound. Will you be considering crowdfunding for your next venture or major life event? (You can now even crowdfund your own funeral.)

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