Crowdfunding - In the Spotlight

Tools for Crowdfunding
Intrigued by the hullabaloo over Facebook's acquisition of originally-crowdfunded Oculus, did a little digging into the crowdfunding space. There are plenty of intriguing finds to be discovered. How many of the following offerings were YOU aware of?

STEMfunder - Connects STEM students and their projects with alumni networks for funding

TapRaise - Enables social fundraising on websites (content creators, charitable donations, etc.)

CrowdFranchise - Lets communities crowdfund franchises they want in their neighborhood

Pherver - Crowdfunding connecting brands and their fans

Lendoor - Crowdfunding to secure small business loans from social network connections

Fund That Flip - Crowdfunding for real estate flippers

Matramoney - Raise funding for wedding expenses from friends and family

AlumVest - Crowdfunding connecting entrepreneurs and alumni investors

Grão - Crowdfunding for education (Brazil)

IconPark - Crowdfunding competition - Fund potential restaurants and bars (Australia)

Tycoon - Crowdfund real estate investments

FlipGive - Charitable fundraising partnered with brand exposure

As evidenced by the above list, there is plenty of innovation happening in the crowdfunding space. Niche fund-raising communities and funding opportunities abound. Will you be considering crowdfunding for your next venture or major life event? (You can now even crowdfund your own funeral.)

Eleanor Wall

Eleanor Wall is a freelance writer, on-demand brand marketing content creator, and startup cheerleader. TechTidbits is where she posts intriguing discoveries from the tech, startup, and mobile sector.