Wearable Devices in the Startup Spotlight

Discover Startups Creating Wearable Devices
Are you a gadget geek? Constantly on the hunt for the latest fitness device or tech tool? Entrepreneurs are developing way cool tools for gadget-aholics. Take a peek at some of the innovation happening in the wearables space:

Ringly - This NYC startup is bringing wearables to your digits. Fingers, that is. Set to unveil their first finger wearable in 2014, Ringly wearables let you receive personalized smartphone notifications via your fingers. Simply customize your settings, put your phone away, and only be notified of incoming messages on YOUR terms. No more being interrupted, no more incessantly checking your gadget for calls you might have missed. How cool is that?

Athos - Want your underwear to tell you when it's time to pump up the volume? (Not that way, silly. Get your mind out of the gutter). Athos wearables power your underwear workout garments. Offering both tops and bottoms, Athos' gear monitors muscle activity, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Completely washable, Athos wearables connect to your smartphone for data tracking, fitness coaching, and workout monitoring. If you're ready to put a little power in your skivvies, might want to do a deep dive into Athos.

Nabu - Nabu brings data tracking and social media to your wrist. Whether you want to monitor your Instagram notifications or receive GPS directions on your wrist, you can do so with Nabu. Receive incoming call notifications, check into your favorite haunts, discover email updates while you work out, or uncover WeChat notifications while you're in a meeting with Nabu on your wrist. A flick of the wrist will dismiss a notification, snap your fingers to put Nabu to sleep (don't you wish that worked on people, too?), and receive your Twitter notifications via vibration. If you don't want to be anti-social by constantly gazing at your smartphone screen, check out Nabu for surreptitious social screening.

How many of these wearable devices would you consider integrating into your daily routine? Any other wearables that you are particularly looking forward to this year?

Eleanor Wall

Eleanor Wall is a freelance writer, on-demand brand marketing content creator, and startup cheerleader. TechTidbits is where she posts intriguing discoveries from the tech, startup, and mobile sector.